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  • Oxygen is a drug and should be used as prescribed by your physician. Do not adjust the liter flow without being instructed to do so by a medical professional, because improper use can be harmful to your health and may cause death or serious injury. Please contact us immediately if your physician changes your oxygen prescription, so that we can obtain a copy of the new order, and ensure that you have equipment that will accommodate your new prescription.
  • It is extremely dangerous to smoke near oxygen. Smoking should not be permitted in the same room with your oxygen equipment, or where you are using the oxygen.
  • Keep all oxygen equipment away from heat sources such as stoves, electric heaters, open flames, and smoking.
  • Never use petroleum based products while using oxygen.
  • Petroleum based products such as Vaseline has been known to catch fire in the presence of medical gas quality oxygen. KY Jelly is an option, since it is water-based.
  • Make sure that the oxygen equipment is plugged into an outlet that is grounded. It is also wise to plug the equipment into a plug that is not shared with other items or appliances. You should never use an extension cord with your oxygen equipment.
  • Never use more than 50 ft. of tubing at once. Your liter flow will significantly decrease after 50 ft., and it may adversely affect your health.


  • Never store oxygen cylinders in your vehicle or other areas of extreme heat.
  • Never store your oxygen concentrator in closets or confined areas. The machine and all filters need adequate ventilation to run properly.
  • Never stack things on top of the oxygen concentrator.
  • Make sure to turn your cylinder valve completely off (by turning it clockwise) before storing to ensure that the contents will not be lost in storage. Always store cylinders by placing them in a rack, stand, or by placing cylinders lying on the floor.


  • Clean the cabinet of the oxygen concentrator with a damp cloth. Never use polishes or chemicals on the unit.
  • External filters can be vacuumed with a small hand-held vacuum attachment, or they can be washed in warm soapy water. If you wash the filters, gently ring out excess water, and let the filter completely dry before putting it back into the concentrator. Wet or damp filters will damage the machine.
  • Change your cannula weekly.
  • Change your tubing every 1 -3 months. If moisture or condensation collects inside the tubing, replacing the tubing immediately, try using oxygen without humidifier bottle, or insert "water-trap" in line.
  • If using a humidifier bottle, humidifier bottle should be washed with warm soapy water, using non-lotion liquid soap, like Joy, after one week of use. Rinse well and air dry. After second wash, discard bottle and replace with a new bottle.


  • All oxygen equipment is almost always a rental item. Title of these items will remain with GoodCare by CPCI, unless a specific purchase agreement is made in the rare event of purchasing oxygen equipment.
  • Oxygen is a drug and your prescription must be renewed yearly or as determined by your physician. You must see your doctor at least once a year (generally within 90 days of the order renewal date) so that he/she can evaluate you and renew your prescription for oxygen use.
  • Make sure to notify us immediately if you change doctors, or your doctor changes your prescription for oxygen.


  • Concentrator Is NOT Operating at All
    • Make sure that the unit is plugged in.
    • Make sure that the unit is turned on.
    • Make sure that your breaker has not tripped.
    • Make sure that the outlet you are using is not controlled by a light switch that has been turned off.
    • Make sure the reset button has not been tripped on the concentrator.
  • Oxygen Flow Is Reduced or Stopped Completely
    • Place the cannula in a glass of distilled water. If there are bubbles, the oxygen is flowing.
    • Make sure the tubing is not pinched or crimped.
    • Make sure that the tubing is securely connected to the concentrator.
    • Make sure that the lid to the humidifier bottle is on correctly and snug (not "cross­ threaded"). Oxygen can escape through the lid of the bottle if it is not on correctly.
    • If you have not replaced your cannula, tubing, or humidifier bottle as directed, replace these items.
  • If you cannot resolve the problem on your own, call our local office in Logan or Lancaster—all numbers are answered 24 hours per day.
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