"Serving Ohio Since 1976"

GoodCare by CPCI is the business name of Cardiopulmonary Care, Inc., an Ohio corporation, with the corporate office and warehouse at 140 E Main Street in Logan, Ohio and branch office at 242 West Sixth Avenue in Lancaster, Ohio. GoodCare by CPCI is the oldest medical equipment provider in southeast Ohio.

GoodCare by CPCI is a dominant supplier of medical equipment and supplies serving the state of Ohio. The founder and president of the company has practiced as a respiratory therapist in southeast Ohio for over 40 years, including serving as director of respiratory care or a consultant in several hospitals in southeast Ohio.

Additional expansions of service include an emphasis on repair and maintenance of medical equipment. GoodCare by CPCI has partnered with Airgas for quality control and oxygen transfilling. GoodCare by CPCI is also a provider of medical equipment and specialty products under Medicaid Waiver and Passport Programs serving the state of Ohio.